Instagramming the Texas Panhandle

Another holiday means another visit to the Texas Panhandle. We try to vary our routes every trip to see more and more of the small town charm in this area. Otherwise, the drive can get a little boring. Here’s a few of my instagram photos from these travels! A little bit of nostalgia in Shamrock, […]

Living Like a Local : Fall in Fort Worth Edition

We haven’t traveled much this fall. After our visit to Alaska, we’ve settled down into a groove here at home. My husband is switching airlines and planes which is great! But it has left us in almost limbo. He’s in training, and a everything is a bit out of sync. Fall in Texas is an […]

Photo : A Glacial Lake in Alaska

Yes, it really is that blue. Lakes of glacier melt water are this vivid color. The blue-green color is part mineral, part algae and all gorgeous! This photo is part of a walking trail near Portage Glacier called the Trail of Blue Ice. If you or on a mobile or can not see the photo, click here.

Hatcher’s Pass and Independence Mine, Alaska in the Fall

If you remember last year, we visited the gorgeous Hatcher’s Pass and Independence Mine State Park in the summer. It was an amazing place! Here’s my write up and pictures. While some people think that visiting the same place they’ve been in the past is limiting, I find that visiting in another season puts the […]

Photos : Animals in Denali National Park, Alaska

This fall, I found my new favorite national park – Denali. It is 4.7 million acres of wilderness, and are so many animals in Denali National Park. Denali was the first national park created specifically to protect wildlife. The “Big Five” of Denali are Grizzlies, Moose, Caribou, Wolves and Dall’s Sheep. We saw all of […]